"Your service was excellent and the chilli sauce was delivered in perfect condition and very fast. Your products are excellent and I will be re-ordering more in the near future. The reason why I haven t ordered sooner is that I have tried out some chilli sauce from The Chilli Factory here in Sydney that were no where near as hot or tasty as your sauces. I like the bottle you use as it lets you splash the sauce, rather than most that have a wide mouth and the sauce often pours out too quickly all over the plate/food. I could talk about chilli sauce all day long as i have it on all food both at lunch and dinner. Keep up the good work. Jake"

"Dear Chilli Willies, While holidaying on the Gold Coast last November, we visited Cararra Markets which were just fantastic! My husband was wandering around and stumbled across your stall. Being a die hard fan of chillis, sauces, chutneys and the like, I found him in a taste testing frenzy at your site. We bought some "Calypso Tropical Butt Burner " to take back home to the Illawarra , South Coast region of N.S.W. My husband and my teenage son are absolutely addicted. I have just finished putting in an order for some more, and also added the "Smack My Ass" variety as well. Just e-mailng you to say "thankyou" for introducing us to another all Australian made product, and that my husband and son just love it ! Regards. Kathy"